Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Double Trouble

[12/27/05 Update: Module duplication shouldn't be an issue any more, as well. Let us know if that's not the case.]

[12/21/05 Update: We've made some modifications to the back end of the lens editing and publishing process that should solve the second issue: module loss. We're testing it today, and if it checks out as an adequate fix, we'll push the improvement platform-wide.]

The Squidoo tech team is hard at work fixing what might be the most interesting bug to date. Some -- not all - lensmasters are experiencing one of two things:

This is at the very, very top of the bugs that we're working on, and we hope to have the problem solved soon.

For now, to address #2, try this:

If modules are showing up in the live, published view of a lens, but not in the edit view for that lens, do this: Click on the Discard This Draft button. If the resulting edit view looks OK to you -- do take a look to ensure that most if not all live modules are present -- hit the Publish button.

Rest assured, we know this is huge, and we're on it. You can always email me directly if you need further assistance.


Google Goggles

We recently introduced the new Google Maps Module, and while many lensmasters are able to use it to good effect, some are not. In some instances, the module displays a blank map on the lens in which it's been published.

This is the result of an error that we're currently looking into. It won't affect all Google Maps Modules, but it might botch the display of some. Just a head's up.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Amazon Module Glitch

[12/16/05 Update: This now appears to be working as it should be. Lensmasters may need to re-Publish their lenses to see the change take effect.]

If you build an Amazon lens, personally picking what titles show up (the Let Me Pick approach), you're able to Add a Description to each item, explaining why you think it's interesting and important. Right now, those descriptions aren't showing up in the module display once lensmasters Publish their lenses. We're working on that, and descriptions that you've saved should display correctly once we figure this out.


Picture Imperfect

[1/4/2006 Update: We've started to use a new image server, so image display should be more consistent.]

Some lensmasters are reporting that images they upload -- and can see when editing their lens -- aren't displaying when they view the published lens. We're experiencing some difficulties with our image server and are working on making image performance more consistent.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Technorati Take Down

[3/17/06 Update: We recently rentroduced the Technorati module.]

The Technorati module isn't working very well right now because the Squidoo co-op has exceeded its allotment of queries. We've applied for a more accommodating license and hope to offer better performance soon.